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Fabric Bases: 

Athletic Sport: Perfect for athletic wear like leotards, leggings, running pants, shorts, skirts, etc. 4 way stretch, slightly compressive. 85% polyester/15% spandex.


Bamboo French Terry: The BFT is so lovely- it is extremely soft and stretchy. Very flowy and perfect for any clothing that requires drape. It is slightly more stable than Bamboo spandex but not as stable as CS. 4-way stretch. 260 gsm. Approx 59" WOF.


Bamboo Spandex: This fabric is very soft, light and cool, super flowy and has great drape and no structure. Perfect fabric for lightweight flowy dresses, pajamas, loungewear, and shirts. 95% bamboo, 5% spandex. Weight 220 gsm. Approximate WOF 58


Board Short:  Great base for swim trunks and summer woven wear. Quick drying. Very soft with a slight brushed feel on one side. Good structure, no stretch. 100% polyester. 140 gsm.


Canvas: This base is great for bags, backpacks, hats, accessories, and upholstery. 100% cotton canvas. Great structure, no stretch, great colors. 240 gsm. Approx 59" WOF.


Cotton Spandex: This is a good base for all types of clothing, shorts, leggings, dresses, headbands, etc. Very vibrant colors and good recovery. 95% cotton 5% spandex 4-way stretch and very soft! Approximate WOF 58" wide including selvage. Very soft but good structure. 240 GSM.


Cotton Woven: 100% cotton- this is a top quality, soft, cotton woven base. It is not rough or scratchy like some other wovens you may have come across. No stretch, very vibrant colors. Great for woven sewing patterns- shirts, dresses, bags, accessories. Approximate WOF is 57”. 140 GSM.


Double Sided Minky: Perfect for blankets, scarves, accessories. No stretch. Good structure. Very vibrant colors. Designs printed on one side only but soft and fluffy on both sides. 100% polyester. Weight 280 gsm. Approximately 58" WOF.


French Terry: This base is great for hoodies, joggers, tees. Soft looped back. 95 cotton/5 spandex. 4- way stretch. Good structure and recovery. 280 gsm. Approx 59" WOF.


Softshell: Weather resistant material (water, wind, stain resistant). Wipeable, smooth outer surfaces with a fleece-type backing. This is great for winter wear. No stretch, tearproof, with good structure. 100% polyester. 330 gsm. Approximately 57” WOF. 


Squish: Squish is so soft with a 4-way stretch. Printed on one side- soft on both sides. Very vibrant coloring. Perfect for blankets, hoodies, sweatshirts, pillowcases, jackets, scarves, accessories. 280 gsm. Approx 60” WOF


Sweatshirt Luxe: This poly/cotton/spandex blend fabric base is amazing! Think store bought sweatshirt but much softer. Mid-weight fabric. Super soft and cozy. Smooth knit face with a luxe ultra-soft backing. This fabric is perfect for hoodies and joggers. 2-way 40% stretch. 310gsm.


Swim: Smooth and silky. Great recovery. 4-way stretch 95 poly/5 spandex, UPF 50+, 59” WOF. Great base for swimsuits, rashguards, skirts, shorts, bras, leggings, dresses. 86% polyester/14% spandex. 230gsm.  


Water Resistant Canvas: One of our best-selling fabric bases. We get so many compliments from customers that this base is better than any other WRC they have tried. Perfect for bags, backpacks, hats, accessories, cushions, and other upholstery. 100% cotton canvas with a waterproof sealant on the backside. Approx 59" WOF.  270gsm.


WhimsicalRepel: Meet our newest base, WhimsicalRepel. This fabric is repellent to water, wind, stains. It features a wipeable smooth outer surface with a soft backing. No stretch, tearproof, with good structure. Domestic, industrial, and embroidery machine friendly. This is a great base for bags such as duffle bags, lunchboxes, backpacks, purses, makeup/travel pouches and also lightweight wind jackets, diaper bags/changing pads, beach bags, bibs, baby wipe pouches, etc. 320gsm. Approximately 57” WOF.