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This is a preorder fabric that may take 8-10 weeks (from round close) to ship. Please do not order if you are not comfortable with this timeframe.

Fabric bases:

Cotton Spandex: 4 way stretch and very soft! 95% cotton 5% spandex

Weight 240gsm.

Cotton woven: Top quality cotton woven- soft with no stretch at all. 100% cotton. Weight 140gsm.

Swim: 4 way stretch 95 poly/5 spandex, UPF 50+, 59” WOF

French Terry: This base is great for hoodies, joggers, tees. Soft looped back. 95 cotton/5 spandex. 280 gsm. Approx 59" WOF.

Canvas: This base is great for bags & accessories. 240 gsm. Approx 59" WOF.

Bamboo French Terry: The BFT is so lovely- it is extremely soft and stretchy. Very flowy and perfect for any clothing that requires drape. It is slightly more stable than Bamboo spandex but not as stable as CS. 260 gsm. Approx 59" WOF.

Athletic Sport: 280 gsm- 4 way stretch- slightly compressive. Great for athletic wear and leggings. Approx 59" WOF.

Squish: The squish is so soft with a 4 way stretch. Printed on one side- soft on both sides. 280 gsm. Approx 60” WOF.

Double Side Minky: 280gsm- Soft on both sides, no stretch, design printed on one side only)